I Can't Buy Clothes

Published Thursday, 14 February 2013

I went shopping the other day, because my Dad decided that my clothes were getting too small for me. Well, he told me that they were too small, for about the fifteenth time, and my Mum had been fed up of buying clothes that then didn't fit me when she got home, so we went into town together.

Now, I know what you're all thinking: "Oh whatever, it's not hard buying clothes, it's too easy nowadays!" and I can see why you think that, but in actual fact you're all wrong.

I've been having people constantly telling me that I'm skinny, and it's true. I am skinny, but I'm also quite tall. This makes buying clothes (trousers, especially) quite hard. You can't get trousers that are long enough but slim enough for me.

So I'm made to try on 'skinny' fit trousers – which is the wrong idea altogether; I really don't like skinny fit trousers.

This means we have a real struggle with trousers. There's only so much that a belt can do, and it usually ends up with great huge folds of fabric at the back of my trousers. Clearly this isn't ideal, and causes problems.

So I'm having a moan on two things here: Trousers – which I have talked about, and Tops – which I haven't.

Now, tops aren't too hard to get in my size, although tend to be a little baggy because they aren't designed for someone as skinny as me. Most of the time I'm alright with it, as long as it isn't something like a shirt. Baggy shirts are worthy of either a charity shop, or a bin. Whichever is within closest reach – usually a bin in my case, although it hasn't come to that yet.

So I really have just logged in to have a moan at the clothing companies. I know other people who have the same problem. They just see that the majority of people are short and fat, basically. It's not true. To get clothes that fit properly, we need to get them tailored, which costs a small fortune, or hunt really hard – best done in summer, when it is warm.

So in the unlikely event that anyone from a major clothing company is reading this, please give us something to wear, thanks!