Installing SyncToy 2.1 on Windows 10

Published Friday, 26 February 2016

As per usual, another Windows upgrade means a bunch of new features, and a bunch of deprecated stuff which will inevitably break something you want to use that wasn't made in this decade.

I wanted to install SyncToy to keep my iTunes library synchronised with my Windows Phone, but alas, the installer wasn't working as it used to on Windows 7, complaining that I didn't have .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

The error message

The simple fix for this is to install .NET Framework 3.0, which can easily be done from the Windows Features installer. Open this by opening the start menu and typing 'features', and click 'Turn Windows Features On or Off'.

The search box

Once it has opened, select .NET Framework 3.0, of which the partial selection is enough, unless you really want the extra networking stuff, thus this...

selection box before

...becomes this...

selection box after

Click 'OK' and select 'Download files from Windows Update', before allowing it do its thing. Once it's done, click 'OK' and run your SyncToy installation again

Successful Installation

Huzzah, it works now!

Successfully Running